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House of Light

Title House of Light
Author Thomas, Joyce Carol Find more by Author
Genre FICTION / General
Audience Adult
Book Description Women in pain are drawn to The House of Light in rural Ponca, Oklahoma--refuge of Abyssinia Jackson, M.D. It is here that three women will find strength and regain control of their lives. Vennie, an over-worked and disrespected "day girl," comes to Abyssinia with pained and tired feet. Pearline is a buxom beauty who bears the scars and bruises from her jealous ex-husband’s constant beating. The independent Zenobia, an impassioned blues singer will learn to open herself to new friendships and possibly even love from a man on the other side of town. Filled with inspiring, lyrical prose and honest characters, House of Light is the joyous story of a community brought together by love and decency and bound by the ideal of helping others help themselves.


Narrator Floyd, Patricia R. Find more by Narrator
Publisher Recorded Books, Inc.
Release Date JUL 06, 2011
ISBN 9781461823728
Language English
File Size 169.2018 MB
Duration 08:09:51 {hh:mm:ss}

  • Introduction (00:00:49)
  • Part 1 (00:05:07)
  • Part 1 (00:22:19)
  • Part 2 (00:52:43)
  • Part 3 (00:58:49)
  • Part 4 (00:56:22)
  • Part 5 (00:51:49)
  • Part 6 (00:59:21)
  • Part 7 (00:48:37)
  • Part 8 (00:48:46)
  • Part 9 (00:49:40)
  • Part 10 (00:35:25)
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