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Dancing Dogs: Stories

Title Dancing Dogs: Stories
Author Katz, Jon Find more by Author
Genre FICTION / General
Audience Adult
Book Description No one brings to life the remarkable bond between humans and their dogs like New York Times bestselling author Jon Katz. He has warmed our spirits with enchanting tales and keen observations of his animal menagerie—the dogs, sheep, chickens, and other residents of Bedlam Farm. Now, Katz is back with what he does best in his first collection of short stories, Dancing Dogs. With his signature insight and gift for storytelling, Katz shares sixteen stories about one of life’s most unique relationships: In the title story, a housekeeper loses her job, but discovers her four-legged “children” have some toe-tapping talents that just may get the whole family back on its feet. In “Puppy Commando,” a shy grade-school outcast forges an instant connection with a beagle puppy she meets at a shelter—and risks everything to keep him. “Gracie’s Last Walk” features a woman who must find a way to say goodbye to her beloved golden retriever—but ends up saying hello to someone unexpected. “The Dog Who Kept Men Away” shows that not all humans pass the “sniff” test when it comes to canines, who possess an excellent judge of character. And in “Guardian Angel,” a widower going through a painful transition finds the greatest comfort in the unlikeliest of sources—a funny-looking pug named Gus. Whether sitting, staying, and rolling over, in the barnyard, shelters, or home, sweet, home, the creatures in Dancing Dogs are genuinely inspiring and utterly memorable.


Narrator Stechschulte, Tom Find more by Narrator
Publisher Recorded Books, Inc.
Release Date MAR 01, 2013
ISBN 9781461823995
Language English
File Size 149.5673 MB
Duration 07:12:37 {hh:mm:ss}

  • Introduction (00:00:12)
  • Chapter 1 (00:05:34)
  • Chapter 1 (00:22:15)
  • Chapter 2 (00:19:10)
  • Chapter 3 (00:46:37)
  • Chapter 4 (00:26:36)
  • Chapter 5 (00:27:28)
  • Chapter 6 (00:13:06)
  • Chapter 7 (00:23:34)
  • Chapter 8 (00:19:13)
  • Chapter 9 (00:24:06)
  • Chapter 10 (00:30:09)
  • Chapter 11 (00:25:57)
  • Chapter 12 (00:38:34)
  • Chapter 13 (00:24:25)
  • Chapter 14 (00:23:03)
  • Chapter 15 (00:29:55)
  • Chapter 16 (00:32:37)
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